Splatoon 2

This time for the videogame backlog we have a new release! Splatoon 2 (Switch, 2017)

A gameplay screenshot, the character in a single player level looking at the camera.

15 hours of gameplay, roughly split between campaign and multiplayer. Campaign has neat ideas & challenges but attempts at variety make pacing poor. Zip through the best content, slog through some of the worst. Art is charming if repetitive. Sound will probably click as cute for some but podcasts were a must for me. Multiplayer will probably keep me coming back for a least a few more hours play. Splatfest was a ball, ranked modes have me intrigued.

A screenshot of the end of the game. "Thank you for playing!" it says in black text on pink screen.

I give it a B. Strong character and a good core loop with some flawed execution on top.

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