Listen to Skrillex at 20x speed

The album cover for "Recess"

Yesterday I made a screen recording for a friend, explaining how to do a few technical tasks. I was listening to Recess, Skrillex’s latest album, while I worked. Occasionally I had to download a large file, or compile some source code, and I would get up and walk away from the computer. In order to keep the videos digestible I later dropped them into iMovie and created a few time lapse effects in sections where I waited for my computer to do it’s thing.

Going back over the edited recording, I discovered something wonderful. Skrillex at 20 times it’s regular speed.

The entire album is only 2:13 when played back at this speed. Some songs still sound like music. Others sound like they belong in Wargames, or Tron. Some sound like they came from Frogger or Pac Man. Others just sound like noise.

Regardless, I think it’s fascinating. And worth a listen.

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