Motocamp 2016

A map to yellowstone

Starting tomorrow, and for the next week, I live out of this motorcycle. It contains everything I need. Food. Shelter. Clothing. It wasn’t really meant for a journey such as this, but I am confident that it will rise to the task.

My Kawasaki Vulcan S

I’ll be using the original global positioning system to orienteer accross the country. Through the Great Basin Desert. A quick stop off in Ogden, Utah. Yellowstone National Park. The Bitterroot National Forest. The Sawtooth National Forest. Crater Lake. Juanita Lake. Mad River.

Paper Map

I’ll start with one companion, but after just three nights, I’ll be going alone. Six days with the open road, and five nights with the stars in the sky. Plenty of time to think, to reflect. Time enough to miss home.

Me and friends with our bikes

I’ll be camping six of the eight nights. Sleeping outside, cooking my own food. Roughing it.


I’ve done short trips before. But nothing quite like this. I’ve spent much of today going over my packing list, and going over it again. I’m anxious, and I miss my wife and home already. But above all I’m excited. I’ll learn more about myself. Either I’ll have a new annual tradition, or one hell of a story. I can’t wait to set out.

An early version of my packing list

I’ll be tweeting as I can, and you can see a map tracking my location (don’t be creepy guys) along the way here. If you have an iPhone and want in on a photo stream send me a message. I may write about it here again as well.

Wish me luck.

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