Super Mario Galaxy 2

In for a treat this time. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii, 2010)

A photo of a TV playing the game. Bowser sits atop a stone throne, Mario looks up at him.

I played the original at launch 10 years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but then went to college and missed this release completely. It’s hard to articulate but this sequel felt so very right. Familiar; not tired. Bright & jubilant; not saccharin. Something new around every corner, in the best possible way. Galaxy 1 & 2 are probably the pinnacle of 3D platforming to date. They stand together in my mind and are worthy of all praise received. If forced to critique I would say Galaxy 2 assumes you are a big fan coming back for more. Off the ‘happy path’ difficulty is quite high. 22 hours, but felt like 12. A joy to see and hear. It’s easily earns an A in my book.

A photo of a TV showing the end game screen.

I came back to the series after a decade. I didn’t miss a beat and the game didn’t either. If you enjoy 3D Mario you gotta go back for it.

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