Crowd Sourced WWDC Tips

The Apple Official WWDC 2016 promotional image. "Hello, WWDC16." it reads.

Yesterday, I made a post enouraging people to consider going to WWDC, along with some tips on ways that you could save money doing so. I received lots of positive feedback, and I heard from a few that they were going to register because of it. That’s awesome!

I also got some good advice from other bay area natives on twitter. On food budget:

Glenn Fleishman suggests that perhaps you could find a roommate:

This is a really neat idea for a website or app. A cool project someone could tackle next year. For those still making plans this year, maybe we could use a hashtag. I suggest #WWDCRoommateSearch

For saving on transit Courtney Wang suggests another taxi share similar to Uber pool called Lyft line.

Andreas Netzmann has had good luck staying at a hotel near SFO for the week of WWDC:

Kyle S. recommends against Caltrain:

If you have any other experience to share, or ideas you think people should try, send them my way and I’ll keep this post updated. Nothing would make me more happy than if our tips enabled someone to attend.

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