I accidentally a game

A screenshot of the game. Several transparent circles overlap.

Just over a year ago, I started hacking in my spare time on a little game. Nights and weekends when I got a wild hair, I’d sit in front of a glowing screen until the sun came up. I wrote a lot of code. I threw a lot of code away. I learned a lot about rendering, and real time systems.

The effort and time that went into it may not be immediately evident. It’s a simple game with a simple premise. You’ll easily jump through each mode and get a feeling for exactly what it is in just a few minutes. It’s not a major technological achievement, it’s not a piece of art, and it’s game design is not groundbreaking.

However, if you spend some extra time with it, you may find the same appreciation for it that I have. It features a wonderful soundtrack courtesy of Lucky Lion Studios. All of the graphics and menus are procedurally drawn. It should be easy to pick up, but hard to master. I tried hard to make it cohesive, refined, and beautiful.

It’s called Ecliptic, and it’s free on the App Store today.

I’m super fortunate to have the opportunity to share it with the world. This game would not have happened without a great many people. I have an awesome partnership with Room 12 Studios; they are publishing the game, coordinated music and sound effects, took care of all the messy paper work, beta tested, as well as provided feedback and direction. I’m lucky to have a day job at a company that released the copyright for all of my work on the game and encouraged me to release it. I’ve got the best wife, who puts up with a tired, bleary eyed husband most every Saturday morning.

If you’d like to support me, and if you’d like to see more games like Ecliptic, purchase the theme pack from the settings menu for just $0.99. You can also purchase Room 12’s previous app iPredict which got an update today.

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